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Root Canal Surgery Recovery in Germany

Root canal surgery is an appropriate option for those who don’t want to go through tooth extraction and save its health. What are the peculiarities of this procedure, and how to recover from it quickly? Here are the answers for your questions and Dr. Tolk’s recommendations.

What is it needed for?

Oral surgery on root canal allows restoring the health of a tooth in case of inflammations or infections. If pulp inside a tooth gets infected, non surgical root canal therapy is assigned first. It is performed the following way:

  1. A doctor assigns X-ray to find the location of decaying pulp.
  2. The operation starts with local anesthesia to make the procedure less stressful and painful for a patient.
  3. In the beginning of surgical root canal, a dentist drills the upper part of a tooth to get to its root.
  4. Infected pulp is removed, and the roots are removed, as well.
  5. The hole is filled with rubber like material (gutta-percha), and is cemented. Tooth crown is restored. This way, further infection and inflammation are prevented.

Is root canal considered surgery? Many people think so, because it requires quite difficult manipulations and invasion into tooth structure. However, gums and jaw are not affected in this case, and invasion is minimal.

Procedure after root canal surgery

If a tooth does not heal after the procedure, and infection occurs again, a doctor will prescribe root canal surgery (apicoectomy). This procedure is also called root-end resection. A doctor cuts the gum near tooth root, root bone is exposed. Infected or inflamed tissue is removed, and a small end of the root is cut. Then the space is sealed, and gum tissue is stitched to promote healing. This operation is often used when previous root canal treatment was unsuccessful, and the tooth did not heal to the end. Surgical root canal treatment is the last chance to save a tooth and avoid its extraction. However, it does not give 100% warranty that the tissues will fully recover. In minor cases, treatment fails, and tooth removal stays the only option.

Side effects

A patient may experience the feeling of tenderness in jaw and gums – it is natural during healing process. To relieve symptoms, you can ask your doctor to prescribe medications, or get some over-the-counter remedies. As a rule, response rates to them are quite high. But follow instructions when taking them, and don’t forget that such products may make you drowsy.

What to do after root canal surgery?

As it has already been mentioned, total root canal surgery recovery cannot be guaranteed by any dentist. Sometimes, tissues simply won’t heal, and a person may get infection. But a lot depends on the patient. There are some certain things that should be done after root canal surgery:

  1. Do not eat foods until the numbness in the mouth fades away. This way, you will avoid biting tongue or cheeks.
  2. Do not chew or bite by the treated tooth until it is fully restored by your dentist.
  3. Brush and floss teeth every day just as usually.
  4. If the opening was treated with temporary filling material, the thin layer may wear off between appointments. If you suspect it did so, contact your doctor immediately.

To prevent infection after root canal surgery, you may be prescribed antibiotics and other medications. Take them strictly according to the instruction – it can make treatment totally successful.

You should also contact your doctor in the following cases:

  • If you observe a huge swelling inside or outside mouth.
  • If you experience allergic reactions to medications (rash, itching, etc.). Note that nausea is not an allergic reaction.
  • If the initial symptoms return, or bite feels uneven.

Why treatment in Germany is the best option?

Don’t know where to find a professional dentist who provides high-quality medical help and affordable pricing policy? We recommend travelling to Germany, because this country offers advanced medicine and a wide range of clinics which can really help.

First, treatment in Germany is every effective thanks to recent medical advances and the most helpful therapies used. Doctors constantly introduce new methods and perfrom studies to elaborate the most effective ways of treatment. Secondly, prices of therapies, hospitalization and doctors’ services here are lower than, say, in the USA. This is why thousands of patients from Europe, America and other regions seek for medical treatment in Germany.

Get Dr. Tolk’s professional help

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