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Endodontic Treatment in Germany

In some cases, such drastic steps as root canal procedure are not necessary, and dentists can prescribe endodontic surgery. What is it, and how it helps people? Learn the basic information about endodontic treatment, and where you can go through the procedure safely and effectively.

What is it?

Endodontic surgery is a therapy aimed at removing or correcting the agents that cause radicular and periradicular diseases. It allows restoring these issues and their functionality. This procedure may be the last hope for people, if tooth removal is considered, so it requires great skills and accuracy.

In which cases is it used?

Endodontics treatment may be required in different cases:

  • Surgery may save patient’s tooth in various situations.
  • Surgery may be useful in stating a diagnosis. If a person faces some persisting symptoms, but X-ray does not show any problems, a tooth may have some small fracture or a canal that is impossible to detect in the course of non-surgical treatment. Then a dentist examines the whole root of the tooth to detect the problem and treat it properly.
  • Calcium deposits may form in a canal and make it too narrow, which is why instrument for root canal treatment can be too big to reach the end of the root. To get rid of calcification, endodentist can perform microscopic endodontics to clean and seal the canal.
  • If a tooth that had undergone root canal procedure gets infected, or does not heal, it can lead to inflammation. It may cause pain and stay diseases for months and years even after successful treatment. Such occasions are rare, but they may happen. In this case, endodontic treatment allows saving the tooth and treating it properly again.
  • Procedure may be performed to help damaged surface of root and adjacent bones.

Types of procedure

The most widespread type of procedure is called apicoectomy (also referred as root-end resection). It is required when inflammation or infection does not go away in the bone zone around tooth end after root canal treatment. During this procedure:

  1. A person gets local anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort;
  2. Endodontis opens gum tissue near the tooth. It exposes the bone and allows removing infected or inflamed tissue.
  3. The end of the root is removed, as well.
  4. A tiny filling may be place to seal the end of root canal.
  5. To promote tissue healing, a few stitches are made.
  6. The bone around the root end recovers during several months

Alternative procedures include division of a tooth in half, repairing on root injures, and even removal of one or several roots. Sometimes intentional replantation may be required. In this case, a tooth is removed, treated with endodontic while being out of the mouth, and put back in the socket. A patient should discuss options of surgical endodontic treatment with his doctor to select the most optimal one.

Endodontists in Germany use the best technologies like digital imaging and operating microscopes to perform surgeries fast, efficiently and comfortably.

Are there alternatives?

As a rule, treatment in very serious cases presupposes removal of a tooth. Tooth extraction is followed by implantation, temporary denture or bridge constructing. But these options are always should be chosen when a tooth cannot be saved. Saving your natural tooth is always the wisest solution. So if such procedure as endodontics allows doing that, you should definitely go for it!

Benefits of treatment in Germany

Don't know where to get professional and reliable treatment? Choose German clinics: they provide all that patients need. What are the advantages of German hospitals?

  • Cost of procedures and hospitalization is less than in many other countries, for example, the USA.
  • Travelling to Germany is cheaper than a trip to other European countries. We will find affordable tickets and accommodation options for you.
  • German medicine uses recent advances and the most effective therapies in treatment of various diseases, including endodontics surgery. Be sure: doctors will be able to help you even in very complicated cases. Safety, effectiveness and reliability of operations are guaranteed.
  • Patients are provided with comfortable rooms, sufficient nutrition and total care.

Choose Dr. Tolk and his services

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