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Mouth protection for sportsmen who appreciate their sport and health bite

Because dental health is also connected with sport you can already see in the relevant expression "Brave biting", "show the normal bite" or "bite and hold teeth". Numerous sports require special protection for teeth. Most of them think in this regard at once of boxing, but also hockey, ice hockey, football, mountain biking, basketball, handball, football or rugby can lead to serious injuries and to loss of individual teeth at worst.

As an open laughter plays not only an enormous role on the winner's stand we offer for accidents prevention the individual sport mouth protection, which act as an air bag for your laughter. Individual sport protection is consequently the best insurance for your own dental health for hobby as professional sportsmen.

A healthy sportsman needs a healthy mouth

Especially when the sport everyday life exposes the teeth to greater risk, a special protection for the dental apparatus is obligatory. The mouth protection for sportsmen or professional mouth protection systems are not only several factors that are important for sport active people. To get withstand to the teeth against accidental injuries and weakness or damages in advance, careful care and precautionary measures are indispensable. In addition, malocclusions or damaged teeth are risk factors for the whole locomotor apparatus, which can cause subsequent diseases. Prevention and prophylaxis are in any case the better alternative and can recognize and prevent these performance obstacles previously.

We inform you therefore gladly about the basic aspects of mouth health for sportsmen, as well as about tooth-oriented sport nutrition. A tooth-oriented sport nutrition, which should get along without high concentration of sugar, is a relief not only for the teeth, but also for the whole body. If the worst happens and single or more teeth will be damaged too much by injuries or illness, we advise you gladly the latest dental implants, which make a natural smile again for long time.

Increase your performance and your enjoyment in sport, in which you get advice of the experts in mouth protection systems and healthy sport nutrition and protect your smile from injury or illness.

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