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Sinus Lift Surgery in Germany

Sinus lift procedure is required to prepare for dental implantation on the upper jaw. This is a rather complicated surgery which should be done by a very experienced and accurate doctor. Find out why treatment in Germany is the best option for you, and who can perform the procedure professionally.

What Is It?

Sinus lift surgery is aimed at adding bone tissue to the upper jaw in the zone of premolars and molars. The bone is added in the space between the jaw and sinuses on both sides of nose. To make space for the bone, sinus membrane has to be pushed upward. The procedure is done either by a surgeon, or a dentist.

When is it required?

This surgery is needed, if bone height of the upper jaw is not enough to place a dental implant. Sinus lift is also performed when sinuses are located too close to the jaw. In which cases a person may have such problems?

  1. Some people who have missing teeth in the upper jaw (especially the back teeth and molars) have not enough place for implants. Due to human skull anatomy, the back part of upper jaw is smaller than in the lower jaw.
  2. Loss of bone tissue due to gum diseases.
  3. Loss of tooth that has resulted into a loss of bone. If a tooth has been absent for a long time, bone tissues absorbs back into the body.
  4. Maxillary sinus may get larger while a person is aging, and can appear to be too close to the upper jaw. Big shape and size of sinus makes implantation risky.

Dental sinus lift has become a widespread procedure in the recent 15 years, because more and more people resolve to make implants to replace lost teeth.


Bone tissue used in sinus may either be obtained from your body or mouth, or be taken from other person’s allogeneic bone, or from a cow bone. When sinus lift bone graft is made, several months should pass to let the graft integrate with the bone.

Before performing sinus ligt, a doctor asks to make X-rays to examine the anatomy of patient’s jaw and sinus. computed tomography (CT) scan is required to evaluate the size of existing bone and health of the sinus.

People suffering from seasonal allergies should warn dentist about it and arrange the procedure when these are not active.

Steps of the surgery

The procedure is quite difficult, and includes the following stages:

  • Surgeon cuts the gum where the back teeth were located, the tissue is moved upward and bone is exposed. Thus, a tiny oval window is formed in the bone, and the membrane separating jaw and sinus is pushed away from the jaw.
  • Bone-graft material is put into the space where sinus was located. As a rule a few millimeters of bone tissue is put above the jaw – it varies.
  • When the bone is placed, the tissue is stitched up. Implants are to be placed 9 months later, if the grafted material meshes with the bone successfully. The time for meshing depends on the amount of bone.


The procedure may have some side effects, including swelling of the area, bleeding from nose or mouth. Right after the operation, avoid blowing nose or sneezing powerfully – it may cause moving of graft material or loosening of stitches.

A doctor may prescribe medications to prevent inflammation, and antibiotics to avoid getting infections. In 7-10 days, you will need to visit your specialist: we will examine the area and remove stitches, if they haven’t dissolved. After the operation, you have to wait for several months for sinus lift implant to integrate.

Where to make the operation?

If you have no idea where to get professional medical help, we recommend going to Germany. Sinus lift cost in German clinics is less than in many other countries, and the quality of medicine is very high. German doctors use recent medical advances and modern equipment to ensure 100% efficiency of treatment and total safety. It goes without saying that travelling to Germany is not expensive in comparison with other trips, and you can greatly save on tickets and accommodation.

If you want to make a trip to Germany to seek for medical help, we can help you to organize it. We guarantee that you will get a place in one of the best hospitals and be treated by real professionals.

How Dr. Tolk may help you?

Dr. Kai Tolk is one of the best dentists in Seigburg. He focuses in dental implants and operations on jaw and teeth. Rich experience and profound knowledge allow him performing even the most complicated surgeries, helping patients even with very serious disorders. He works with patients from all over the world, helping hundreds of people to restore the health of teeth and get high-quality implants.

Dr. Tolk makes his best to provide patients not with top-notch medical help only, but with comfortable conditions during visits. His room is equipped by modern equipment and facilities for entertainment. You can get a personal recommendation contacting him via social networks, or with our help.

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