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Root Resection Procedure in Germany

If a person experiences serious problems with teeth (decay, root fractures), root resection may help to solve them once for all. This procedure should be performed by a professional and very skilled doctor, but where to find him? Find out why we recommend treatment in Germany, and how Dr. Tolk may help you.

What is it?

Root resection procedure is a surgical operation that is used to cure periodontal diseases, root fracture and decay in molars that grow to the area where roots join. It is used in case of bone loss. The aim of this procedure is to save a tooth and maintain the health of bone and teeth structure. Sometimes it allows maintaining part of root.

Amputation of dental root is required to stop the spread of disease, prevent bone loss in the zone of teeth and gum, and eliminate bone infection and tooth fracture. The procedure may be necessary in the following cases:

  • When bones around molar tooth root is severely damaged, but the remaining roots are sufficiently supported by bones.
  • Horizontal cracks of root with normal support, when minimal part of remaining roots is affected.
  • A root that is positioned in an incorrect way relatively to neighboring tooth.
  • Serious tooth decay that affects the zone of the tooth where roots meet (this condition is named “furcation”).
  • Collection of bacteria within the root.
  • A root canal that grows beyond the nerve chamber end goes into the furcation.

Tooth root resection requires root canal surgery before or after the procedure, and a full-fledged restoration (bridge or crown). The success of the operation depends on right case selection. You should discuss all options with your dentist before resolving to go through this or that therapy.

Why is it a reasonable option?

A few years ago, tooth removal was the only option for eliminating periodontal diseases. However, modern technologies allow saving a tooth, which is always a better solution. You can maintain health of a tooth, and it will function normally after root resection. As a rule, this procedure is done on molars, because they have more than one root: one of them is removed, while another continues functioning.

How is it performed?

Root end resection is a serious procedure that requires proper preparation and maximum accuracy. Here are the main steps:

  1. Before the root amputation, root canal treatment is usually performed.
  2. First, deep cutting into the tooth is made where nerves and blood vessels are situated. This is why the pulp of tooth with nerves and vessels is removed prior to resection. Both root canal and amputation are made under local anesthesia.
  3. A small incision is made in gum to expose the root of a diseased tooth. After that, the root is cut off from the rest of the tooth and removed. To eliminate all bacteria, the zone is cleansed with saline solution. After that, the gum is stitched to seal the cutting.
  4. After that, a temporary filling or crown is put to protect the tooth. In some cases, antibiotics, pain killers and medications with anti-microbal properties may be prescribed. In about a week, stitches will be removed, and gum will heal entirely. If treatment has ended successfully, a patient can make an arrangement for placing permanent filling or crown.

Choose treatment in Germany

If you want to go through root resection procedure quickly and safely, select a German clinic. This is a reasonable choice for people who want to get professional treatment without overpaying for services. There are at least five reasons to prefer German clinics to other hospitals:

  1. Cost of procedures and services is less than in some other countries.
  2. A trip to Germany is cheaper than going to the USA and other countries with developed medicine.
  3. German medicine uses recent technologies and the most advanced methods of treatment.
  4. Most German doctors know English language, and are ready to work with patients from all corners of the world.
  5. Local clinics provide excellent conditions for patient and sufficient care. You will feel comfortably and safely.

Why working with Dr. Tolk?

Being one of the best dentists in Siegburg, Dr. Kai Tolk specializes on dental implants and gum disease treatment. He is ready to help patients from all over the world, mo matter how hard their cases are. Dr. Tolk’s cabinet is equipped with the most advanced instruments, and entertainment facilities so that patients would feel comfortable and confident. His experience and knowledge allow him dealing with vast majority of dental diseases. Be sure: you will get high-quality medical help and easily recover from any tooth disease.

Dr. Tolk consults patients remotely and during personal appointments. If you want to become his patient, contact us, and we will help you to organize treatment.

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