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Root Canal Treatment in Germany

When a person experiences different teeth diseases, root canal treatment may be essential to overcome it. If experience root canal pain, bleeding, swelling of gums or other problems, it may mean that you have disease outbreak, and need immediate medical help. Read basic information about root canal treatment and where you can go through it.

Why is root canal procedure necessary?

This kind of treatment is necessary when the pulp inside a tooth inflames or catches infection. This condition can be caused by serious decay, repeated dental procedures, cracks on the tooth, etc. Besides, traumas can spoil pulp, even if no visible damage is seen. If pulp infection and infected root canal stay untreated, it may result into persisting pain or abscesses.

This treatment helps to save patient’s natural smile, allowing eating and chewing the foods he likes. It limits the necessity to perform further dental works. If dental root canal treatment was accurate, and a person follows oral hygiene, he can save health of teeth for a lifetime.

Saving of natural root canal has the following benefits:

  1. A patient may chew effectively.
  2. Good force of biting and sensations remain.
  3. Teeth have natural appearance.
  4. It protects other teeth from extra load and strain.

Root canal surgery is a wise solution when non-operative methods appear to be ineffective. It allows resolving an issue once and forever.

Symptoms of pulp infection

Root canal treatment is assigned only in cases when X-ray shows that root canal was damaged in the result of an infection. If tooth pulp gets affected by bacteria, it starts dying off. Possible symptoms of infection include:

  • painful sensations during eating and drinking something cold and hot;
  • pain during chewing and biting;
  • loose teeth.

If infection progresses, pulp totally dies and bacteria spread to root canal. In this occasion, a person may experience face swelling, swelling of gums, darkening of tooth, and oozing from the affected tooth. Pain during eating may return again.

What to expect from root canal therapy?

This kind of treatment is a serious step, so your doctor should take all factors into consideration before making it. What will happen during the therapy?

If a doctor suspects you need the procedure, he will assign X-ray. That will show where the decay is located. Before the operation, local anesthesia to the affected tooth is made. Many people admit that the pain during surgery is not harsher that during filling.

Then pulpectomy is made by root canal dentist. It allows opening the tooth and removing diseases pulp. When it is done, roots that have been removed are filled with rubber material and cemented. An opening is made and the diseased tooth pulp is removed. Crown after root canal is restored, and a tooth can function as before.

Follow up conditions

Pain after root canal is a normal condition, it may last for a few days. If it persists, you should visit the doctor. After that, a doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to prevent or eliminate an infection. You should follow dentist’s recommendations. Side effects of this operation are minimal, and may last up to a week. Soreness and discomfort after the operation can also be experiences, but they can be easily treated with the help of over-the-counter pain killers.

Trust your health to German doctors

If you want to go through an operation of root canals, consider going to Germany. This is number one destination for patients who want to get professional medical help, but aren't ready to overpay for services. Thousands of people from the entire globe go to Germany, knowing that there they will definitely find a chance to recover. Why you should work with us?

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Many patients admit that root canal and crown cost in Germany is less than some other European countries and the USA, which attracts more and more people to this country.

Why we recommend Dr. Tolk?

Dr. Kai Tolk is one of the best dentists in Siegburg. He provides professional medical help for patients from different countries, no matter what their diagnosis is. Having rich experience in dentistry, Dr. Tolk performs many kinds of dental treatment and specializes on dental implants. Average cost of root canal made by him is less than some other hospitals. Besides, he consults patients remotely via social networks, paying attention to everyone.

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