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Permanent Dental Implants in Germany

If a person loses adult teeth, it causes many problems starting from difficulties when eating and finishing by dissatisfaction with appearance and smile. Permanent denture allows solving all these problems forever and fully restoring jaw functionality. Find out more about permanent dental implants and operations, and who can help you with that.

What is permanent denture?

Unlike temporary implants (also called “immediate dentures”) that are placed right after tooth extraction to replace it before following treatment, permanent dentures are fixed once and forever. These are false teeth that are fixed in gums and jaw and are usually help in place by other teeth and surrounding tissues (gum ridges).

One type of such treatment is called “permanent dental bridges” or permanent partial denture. Bridges are fixed in jaw by being attached to the neighboring teeth with the help of special metal constructions. Bridges can be made of porcelain only, metal (usually gold) or combination. Bridgework may be attached to natural teeth or implants, or both of them. In this case, implants are non-removable.

Why should I replace the missing teeth?

All doctors recommend restoring gaps due to the following reasons:

  1. To make smile aesthetic again and maintain the shape of patient’s face.
  2. To balance the pressure on other teeth and crowns/fillings that can be placed on them.
  3. To reduce the risk of acquiring other problems with jaw.
  4. To prevent alteration of the bite, because dentition may move in case of gap.
  5. To make other teeth easier to clean, thus, reducing the risk of dental decay and gum diseases.
  6. To maintain the ability to speak clearly.
  7. To help with chewing.

Who is recommended to replace teeth?

This type of procedure is generally safe, and many people are allowed to go through it. When is replacement appropriate?

  • When a small number of teeth are absent, and bridge can be fixed properly. If many teeth are missing, screw implants should be considered.
  • When dentition is strong enough to keep the bridgework.
  • When gums are healthy.
  • When person follows oral hygiene.

As you see, the conditions are not strict, and if the rest of gums and teeth are healthy, you can be sure that this procedure will bring benefits only.

Advantages and drawbacks

Permanent denture is considered to be a better alternative to temporary solutions for many reasons. First, in comparison with usual plates, such constructions are more stable. Wearer feels more confident with denture, and it is far easier to bear. It especially concerns full bottom implants that tend to be unstable. Even two replaced teeth can make a big difference.

Secondly, some patients (for instance, those with worn jaw ridges) cannot wear unsupported plates, which is why permanent denture becomes the only appropriate solution for them. It allows restoring jaw and tooth health totally.

A high permanent partial denture cost is one of the main drawbacks of this procedure, but everything depends on place where you get treatment: we offer operations in Germany, which is affordable for many patients. Besides, some patients are afraid of going through surgery, because it’s connected with risks. However, if you work with professional doctors, they will perform surgery accurately, preventing possible side effects and unpleasant sensations during operation.

Consider treatment in Germany

If you don’t know where to get professional dental help, consider German hospitals and dentists. Due to advanced methods of treatment and high-quality materials, German doctors ensure total effectiveness of treatment and brilliant results. Only the best equipment and high-quality materials are used. Another evident advantage of being a patient of German dentists is lower cost of procedures and implants. German clinics offer reasonable pricing policy, which makes treatment affordable for patients from entire Europe, USA and other countries. This is a sensible choice for people who want to save money without compromising health.

Let Dr. Tolk help you

Being a highly demanded and well reputable doctor in Siegburg, Dr. Kai Tolk renders all kinds of dental medical help, specializing on dental implants. Years of experience and profound knowledge make him a real professional who helps patients from the entire globe.

Dr. Tolk and his assistants are ready to do their best to provide you with comfort and confidence. Be sure: you will get maximum care and most professional medical help. He is ready to consult you via phone and chat, and you can easily arrange a visit remotely. Flexible and personal approach to every client is ensured. If you need a permanent dental implant, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will organize your treatment and trip to Germany so that it was convenient for you.

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