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Periodontal Disease Treatment in Germany

If a person suffers from severe periodontal disease, surgery may be inevitable. In cases when inflammation gets too serious and damages bones and soft tissues this is the last chance to recover. Learn the basic information about the disease and find out who can help to overcome it.

What is it?

Periodontal gum disease is inflammation of gum and soft tissues that is caused by bacteria and infections. If left untreated, it starts affecting bones and teeth. In worst cases, a person may lose teeth. The development of disease depends on whether a person follows oral hygiene or not. Those who don’t have the habit of cleaning teeth twice a day increase the risks of getting or developing severe periodontal disease.

In case of advanced periodontal disease, inflammation spreads to soft tissues, bones and teeth. It causes pain, discomfort, bleeding and bad smell from mouth. If this stage of disease is left without treatment, it may turn into necrotizing periodontal disease. This is the worst scenario: tissues and bones start decaying, dying off and rotting. Such cases require immediate medical help.

Periodontal disease symptoms include swelling and reddening of gums, bad smell from mouth, loose and sensitive teeth, pain during chewing.

Causes of disease

Human mouth is full of bacteria. Together with saliva and food particles, they form a transparent plaque on teeth. Regular brushing helps to destroy the plaque. If it is not removed, it can get harder and form a cover that cannot be cleaned anymore. In this case only professional cleaning may help to get rid of tartar.

Types of gum disease

There are two basic stages of periodontal disease.


The longer plaque stays on teeth, the more damage it may do. Bacteria may cause gum inflammation that is often referred as “gingivitis”. It is characterized by reddening, swelling and bleeding of gums. Generally, gingivitis is a mild form of disease, and it can be prevented with regular brushing and cleaning by dentist. This kind of disease does not cause damage of bone or loss of teeth.


If gingivitis is not treated, it may develop into a more serious form names “periodontitis”. This is inflammation process around the teeth, which cases formation of so called “pockets” where infection spreads. How does this disease develop? Our immune system starts fighting bacteria when the plaque spreads below the gum line. As the result, natural body response and toxins emitted by bacteria start destroying the connecting tissue holding teeth. If this disease is not treated, bones, gums and tissues that hold teeth start decay. Gradually, teeth may become loose and fall out.

Surgical Treatment

How to treat periodontal disease, if medications and brushing do not help? Surgery may be necessary. There are two types of operations:

  • Flap periodontal surgery is performed to remove tartar deposits and reduce periodontal pockets. Gums are slightly lifted to clean the area properly, and are positioned back in place. After that, they heal and fit tighter around teeth. This operation is required to perform profound cleaning when pockets remain.
  • Bone grafts are needed to regenerate gum and bone tissues that has been lost as the result of the disease. In this instance, a small piece of material is used to be joined to the existing tissues and promote regeneration. Modern doctors advise using protein that will help bones and tissues to regrow quicker.

In each case, a doctor should evaluate the chances of success judging by patient’s health state.

Choose treatment in Germany

Don't know where to get professional periodontal disease treatment without overpaying for it? We advise going to Germany! This is a great option for people from all continents. Why German clinics?

  • German medicine offers advances methods of clinical periodontology. Doctors use the best equipment and materials for making surgeries and performing therapies.
  • German clinics provide excellent care and make treatment comfortable and stress-free.
  • Trip to Germany costs less than travelling to some other countries. We will help you to find tickets and place in hospital!
  • Periodontal treatment cost in German clinics is less than in many other hospitals (for instance, in the USA). Save on treatment, not on your health!

Consider working with Dr.Tolk

If you need a professional periodontist dentist, we recommend becoming a Dr. Kai Tolk's patient. He is an experienced dentist who can deal with all kinds of dental surgeries. Dr. Tolk is ready to work from patients of all ages, no matter where they come from. Be sure: he will provide high-quality treatment and maximum safety for you.

To arrange a visit, contact us. We will help you to get to Siegburg and organize your treatment.

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