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Dental Oral Surgery in Germany

If you have some problems with your teeth, dental oral surgery may help to solve them. When is it necessary, and which kinds of oral surgery are performed in Germany? Find out how to get professional help, and who can help you.

Oral surgery is a good option for treating a wide range of dental issues. People who have injuries of teeth and jaw often experience discomfort and pain that drive them mad and upset dramatically. If you have problems with teeth, you should seek for immediate medical help. If you leave the problem untreated, it may lead to damage and decay of gums and teeth

Types of Oral Surgery

There are different kinds of oral surgery procedures available, depending on the problem to be solved.

Impacted Teeth

This is a dental problem occurring when a molar or a wisdom tooth does not grow up to gum surface. As a rule, it happens when the tooth is too big, and there is not enough space on the gum surface to accommodate it.

If a wisdom tooth can’t come out, it pushes other teeth around the gum and gets stuck between the jawbone and gum tissue. In this case, other teeth are impacted, and a person experiences pain and swelling. Besides, impacted wisdom tooth may get infection, and if this problem stays untreated, long lasting damage to gums, adjacent teeth and bones can be done. Severe infections that persist for a long time may spread and turn into cysts and tumors. Tumors can destroy the jaw, if they get infected.

Dental Implants

This is one of primary types of oral surgery. It is done to replace missing teeth or support new and existing dentures. This is a reasonable option for people who lost teeth because of infection or accidents. However, implants can be made for healthy people only: those who are sensitive to infections and have low gum density, should consider some other alternative. Besides, a person should follow oral hygiene. If a surgery is successful, a person will recover within a week.

Injuries and Diseases of Jaw

This type of operation helps to solve the problem of unequal jaw growth and disturbed functionality of jaw, Surgery helps to make jaws healthy and well balanced in this case. This problem should not be ignored, because it may lead to problems of breathing, chewing and swallowing.

Sometimes surgery is the only solution of jaw growth failures and joint problems. If a person has to wear dentures because of irregular joints, surgery may be recommended. Sometimes bone grating is advised.

Tooth Extraction

This is the most widespread type of oral surgery. Not all problems require tooth extraction, but if it is severely damaged and can’t be cured with root canal, this is a sensible option.

Other cases

There are rarer types of oral surgeries required in some special cases:

  • Biopsy. In case of oral cancer dentist can take a small piece of tissue to check for the tumor. Some tumors can be removed with the help of medications, while others require invasive operations.
  • Facial injuries. If an accident caused fracture of jaw, teeth and face bones, oral surgeon or dentist oral surgeon can perform an operation.
  • Facial Infections. This type of procedure is prescribed when a tooth is affected by facial infection, which causes swelling of face, neck and the jaws. Removal of teeth is a typical solution of this problem.
  • Sleep Apnea requires surgery in some cases. The procedure presupposed removal of soft tissue or the lower jaw (oropharynx).

Where to get professional treatment?

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Trust Dr. Tolk

We are glad to partner with Dr. Kai Tolk, one of the most professional and demanded dentist in Siegburg. He performs all kinds of dental oral surgeries, including dental implantation. Thanks to rich experience and top-notch equipment, Dr. Talk is capable of dealing with the most complicated cases. He is ready to help people from all over the world, and if you want to become his patient, too, we can arrange it!

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