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Non Surgical Root Canal Treatment in Germany

Non surgical root canal treatment is the most suitable option for curing various pulp diseases and infections. This article provides basic information about the procedure and where it can be performed professionally.

What is it?

Non-surgical root canal procedure is done in cases when a person suffers from infections or inflammations of tooth pulp and roots. This is a relatively save kind of treatment that allows saving a decaying tooth and restore its health.

The stages of non surgical root canal therapy are the following:

  1. First, a dentist should diagnose the disease. Usually X-ray is made to define the location of inflammation. The image also helps to identify which tactics of treatment would be suitable.
  2. Before the procedure, a patient is given local anesthesia to reduce pain and stress.
  3. Treatment starts with drilling. A dentist makes a hole through which he removes infected or inflamed pulp and root.
  4. After that, root is removed, as well, and the hollow space is filled with gutta-percha (rubber like material). The top part of tooth is cemented, and its crown is restored.

As a rule, recovery after the procedure takes several months to be completed. During this time, a patient should regularly visit a dentist: he would examine the treated tooth and make sure that healing goes on successfully. Patient should always tell the doctor if there is something bothering him: swelling, pains, uneven bite, or some other symptoms.

Who needs this procedure?

Non surgical root canal treatment can be performed in adults of any age. The procedure is usually prescribed in the following cases:

  1. To save a tooth that has not been damaged severely.
  2. When pulp infection or inflammation did not affect adjacent tissues.
  3. When other neighboring teeth are healthy.

Generally, this kind of treatment is relatively safe, and can be used for all patients regardless of age and health state (local anesthesia should be tolerated well).

About the recovery period

  1. The success of recovery depends on the patient to a great degree. Person should do the following to ensure proper recovery:
  2. Brush and floss teeth regularly. It is done exactly the same way as usually.
  3. Do not chew and bite by the treated tooth until the doctor says it has fully recovered. Otherwise, you can destroy the crown cementation and spoil recovery process.
  4. Do not provoke spreading of infection. Wash your hand before lunch, and follow oral hygiene properly.
  5. If some symptoms of disease have returned, or it becomes uncomfortable to chew and bite, visit your doctor.

You can also consult with your dentist, if:

  • you face swelling inside or outside the mouth;
  • you experience pain and discomfort in the area of treated tooth;
  • you have symptoms of allergy;
  • infection gets worse;
  • bite feels uneven.

Even though non surgical canal root treatment is a safe and effective procedure, no doctor can give you a 100% warranty that it will be successful. In rare cases inflammation may continue developing, or occur again. Sometimes when healing does not accomplish, surgical intervention is required.

Advantages of treatment in Germany

Don’t know where to get professional medical assistance and go through root canal procedure? Consider going to Germany. There, you will find lots of clinics that offer high-quality medical help and excellent service. Why this country?

First, German dentistry uses recent technologies and advanced methods for teeth treatment. Doctors have sufficient experience and knowledge, and may deal even with the worst cases, giving patients the last hope. Secondly, prices of therapies in Germany are usually lower than in some other countries, which makes it number one destination for people from all corners of the world. It goes without saying that a trip to Germany is non-expensive, which allows saving considerably. Thirdly, some German doctors know English and are ready to work with people from different countries – language barrier can be easily overcome.

German clinics provide excellent quality of treatment, sufficient care and comfort for patients. Medical staff does its best to make sure that visitors will go through treatment without stress.

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