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Because of diseases or injuries you may need dental prostheses. That`s why we`ve got some reliable solutions with best quality for you. Plus, at our practice you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere during the treatment. First of all, in multiple counselling interviews we determine which treatment fits you best and how the attending dentist is going to act, so you will be able to understand what exactly is happening. During the procedures you can distract yourself by watching Apple TV or listening to music on Spotify.

Neither you have to be worried about the costs for veneers, tooth crowns or dental prostheses: We`re going to explain to you transparantly before the treatment what exactly they are composed of. The amount of a tooth crown, for example, depends on the steps or interventions before the procedure and as well on the material used. If you cannot afford to pay the amount at once, you can choose to pay by customized instalments as well.

Which forms of dental protheses are there and which procedures take place?

For dental prosteheses approaches including the replacement of one tooth or of several teeth we`d like to recomend you our implantology treatments. Compared to detachable versions, first of all the doctor installs an artificial dental root, on which the custom-made dental prosthesis is fixed later on. Depending on the quality of the jaw bone, an additional matter must be build up beforehand. Those prostheses consist of three parts: an artificial dental root, an sturcture piece and finally the dental crown, dental bridge or the tooth prosthesis itself.

If the tooth is basicly healthy and still well enrooted, we`d suggest such solutions like all-ceramic crowns or veneers. The dental crowns or inlays can replace either a part of the tooth or the whole tooth surface. Therefore, the dentist removes carefully the damaged tooth substance and forms the tooth, so it would match with the dental crown. The colour of the all-ceramic imitation matches with the colour of the surrounding teeth. Those all-ceramic imitations – the so called veneers - are especially used for incisor replacements because of the simplicity of the installation and the attractive appearance. We put great emphasis on long-term and first-class solutions, so you can be carefree and satisfied for many years.

It would be a pleasure to advise you on our tooth prosthesis. Moreover, you will benefit from the relaxed atmosphere during your treatment.

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