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Dental Prophylaxis in Germany

Modern dentistry is capable of dealing even with the most complicated diseases, but any kind of treatment won’t be successful without proper dental prophylaxis. What is it, and who can perform this procedure professionally?

What is dental prophylaxis procedure?

Dental prophylaxis is a procedure when a dentist removed calculus, stains and deposits from teeth and crowns to polish enamel surface. This type of treatment a series of procedures whereby calculus, stain, plaque and other accretions are removed from the crowns and roots of the teeth and the enamel surfaces are polished. Such procedures are required to prevent gingivitis and other diseases, and stop spreading of bacteria. Regular prophylaxis procedures help to restore and save teeth health, increasing their life span.

Importance of preventive prophylaxis procedures

Prophylaxis procedures that include teeth cleaning and polishing are used to prevent tooth diseases and decay. With their help, you can improve health and appearance of teeth and prolong their life-span. Such procedures make smile healthy and beautiful, which boosts your self-confidence and mood. Regular tooth cleaning and polishing is important for people of all ages regardless of health state.

What is dental prophylaxis with antibiotics?

Dental prophylaxis before procedure is intake of antibiotics by a patient to prevent side effects of bacteria getting into oral flora via gingival or peri-apical vessel in the course of dental treatment. Medications used for it help to struggle with such microorganisms as Staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus, pseudomonas, streptococci, serratia, and candida This procedure is still considered to be a debatable issue: some doctors claim that its effectiveness lacks scientific evidence. Today, dental prophylaxis is usually assigned to prevent infective endocarditis and to avoid infections of prosthetic joint.

Thus, dental prophylaxis is needed to avoid bacteremia caused by dental procedures. Since this condition affects heart and some other organs, it is very important to provide necessary protection against bacteria during treatment.

As a rule, pre-treatment dental prophylaxis is a course of antibiotics that are taken by a patient prior to oral surgeries and tooth treatment. It is very important to stay whether such course makes sense or not, because it is not justified in some cases. If a patient has some problems with his heart, he should warn the doctor about it.

Who is recommended antibiotic dental prophylaxis?

Patients with the following medical conditions are recommended the procedure:

  • renal dialysis shunt;
  • vascular graft;
  • immunosuppression before cancer therapies;
  • cerebrospinal fluid shunt;
  • lupus erythematosus;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Prophylaxis for dental procedures makes sense for patients who have cardiac conditions posing high risk of serious outcomes connected with infective endocarditis. It is used before the operations that include work with gingival tissue, oral mucosa or the periapical zone of teeth.

Why treatment in Germany is always better?

Where you can get professional recommendations and go through dental prophylaxis safely? Consider treatment in German clinics. Here, you can go through all procedures with maximum comfort and without overpaying. Why people from all over the world seek for dental treatment in Germany?

  1. Prices here are lower than in hospitals in many other countries.
  2. Trip to Germany is non-expensive for patients from Europe, USA, and some other regions.
  3. German doctors are ready to work with patients from all continents, and deal even with very serious diseases.
  4. Local medicine is advanced and offers recent methods and technologies. That ensures high recovery rates and minor side effects.

If you want to go through a full course of dental prophylaxis, German dentistry will provide you with safe and effective treatment. Besides, you will be surprised by low prophylaxis dental cost. Don’t doubt: this option is really worth trying!

About Dr. Tolk’s services

Let us recommend a professional and experienced dentist for you. Dr. Kai Tolk is one of the most popular and well reputable dentists in Siegburg. He specializes on dental implantation, tooth and gum disease treatment, and prophylaxis procedures. He is ready to restore health of your teeth and make your smile pretty.

Dr. Tolk provides everything for successful treatment: modern equipment, convenient and relaxed atmosphere in his cabinet, and, of course, fast and efficient procedures. His patients value responsible approach and his aspiration to provide maximum care. Contact us, if you want to make an appointment for dental prophylaxis at Dr. Tolk’s.

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