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Dental Implant Procedure in Germany

When a person has serious problems with teeth, implantation sometimes stays the only reasonable option. When dental implant procedure is necessary, and who can perform this kind of treatment professionally?

What dental implant is?

Dental implant is a surgical construction that is inserted into gum deep to be fixed in jaw and skull and replace a natural tooth. They consist of three main parts: an implant (what is inserted), abutment (the foundation) and crown, or an artificial tooth.

There are different kinds of implants, and they can be classified according to their properties:

  • There can be standard implants 2-3 mm in diameter, and micro implants that have fewer diameters. The last are narrower and have more screw-like appearance, being easier to remove.
  • Dental implant cost depends greatly on the type of material used. For instance, zirconium is a metal-free option, it looks like a ceramic, but is very strong and solid. Titanium implants are more expensive, but they have been tested properly and are known to server 25-30 years and even more.

Price of dental implants is defined by many reasons: the material used, procedures to be done, dentist who operates, and type of the screws.

When a person needs an implant?

In case of severe tooth fracture and serious diseases, it is removed. Full dental implants are designed to totally replace real teeth and perform their primary function, e.g. chewing.

Besides, an implant is very important for restoring aesthetics: absence of teeth doesn’t contribute to better self-confidence. With an implant, one can be sure to have healthy and pretty smile. A permanent implant is the wisest solution: a person goes through the surgery once, and can not bother about tooth problems anymore.

Stages of surgery

Dental implant surgery is a sophisticated operation that may include various steps. These are basic stages of implant placing:

  1. Cutting of soft tissues is done over bone crest is needed to ensure that the implant will have a tight band of tissue around it. These edges of tissue (also called “flap”) are pushed back and exposed to the bone. There is an alternative type of operation when no flap is made, and a small amount of tissue (diameter of the screw) is removed to fix the implant.
  2. Fast drilling. When soft tissue is reflected, dentist makes hole with precision drills. The speed should be regulated strictly to avoid tissue burning or bone necrosis.
  3. Slow drilling. The hole is expanded by making bigger drills. About 3-7 drilling steps are done – it depends on the size and length of implant. Doctor should take care so that not to damage or burn bones cells with excessive heat. Water spraying helps to keep the temperature under control.
  4. Placing of the implant. The screw is placed in the hole. It is either self-tapping, or the site is prepared by tapping an analog of the implant. The implant is screwed by a torque controlled wrench. At this stage, torque should be moderate so that not to overload bone and make it die. If everything is done correctly, the implant will fully integrate or bond with the bone.
  5. Adaption of tissue. Gingival is distributed around the implant so that the tissue would embrace it tightly. That promotes healing and makes implant sit stronger.

Dental implant with bone graft allows restoring enough bone tissue to make sure that the implant will be fixed properly. In this case, a doctor takes small pieces of a bone from other body part, or use special grafting material. This type of dental surgery is becoming more popular due to its evident benefits.

Why treatment in Germany?

If you want to go through this procedure and get highly professional treatment, Germany should be your primary destination. Patients from all over the world are welcomed in German hospitals, and are guaranteed to get all necessary care. Surgery and dental implant cost in this country is cheaper than in American and other hospitals, and the trip to German cities appears to be less expensive.

Trust your health to Dr. Tolk

If you are searching for a good dental implant dentist, we recommend Dr. Kai Tolk. He is one of the most popular and experienced dentists in Siegburg. He and his team do their best to ensure patient’s comfort and effective treatment. Dr. Tolk has a lot of knowledge and experience in dental implant sphere, and is capable of performing even the most complicated operations. He uses the best dental implants and materials for bone grafting.

Dr. Tolk works with people from all over the world, no matter what their age and health state is. Due to individual and flexible approach, every client gets necessary medical help and even more. Don’t hesitate and contact us to start working with one of the most talented and professional German dentists right now!

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