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Ceramic Dental Implants in Germany

If you have missing teeth, and want to replace them with artificial ones, the most affordable and most reliable way is getting ceramic teeth. Why this kind of implants is is still the most popular, what are its advantages, and where to get professional dental help? We know!

Why ceramic dental implants?

For several decades, porcelain has been serving as basic material for artificial crowns. It is still considered to be the safest and the cheapest solution. What are the advantages of full ceramic crowns?

  1. They help to bite and chew, functioning exactly like real teeth.
  2. They don’t damage or affects neighboring teeth.
  3. They make up for youthful appearance of jaw and the face.
  4. They prevent bone deterioration that may be caused by loss of teeth.
  5. Porcelain does not lead to slight metal coloring around gums.
  6. The material does not corrode or break down in the oral cavity.
  7. Implants are simple to clean, because they do not accumulate bacteria.
  8. Porcelain does not conduct electricity and does not interfere with energy pathways.
  9. Implants are firmly fixed, which excludes the necessity for adhesives.

Today, ceramic teeth implants are considered to be the most aesthetically reasonable option for replacement. They are convenient for patients, and their white color provides natural looking results. Implants are better alternative to other kinds of tooth replacement (bridges and dentures). And, which is crucial – they function the same way as natural teeth.

Kinds of ceramic implants

Depending on the kind of patient’s problem, different ways of treatment can be chosen. German doctors provide various types of all ceramic crowns.

Ceramic cap

Tooth ceramic cap is used to cover the part of a tooth or dental implant that is located above or at the gum edge. When it is placed, it serves as new exterior surface of tooth (while dental filling repair a tooth only partially). Crown is cemented permanently, so it functions and should be cared about as a usual real tooth. What are the reasons to choose this option? It may be suitable for people who want to repair damaged teeth or make them stronger. Besides, crown improves appearance of tooth, restoring its natural color and shape.

In modern medicine, pressed ceramic crowns are widely spread, especially for incisors. They are produced by shaping the material under high pressure. Absolutely no metal is used for production, which makes up for more aesthetic look and safety. Such implants are very durable, do not require special care, and ideally imitate real teeth. Another advantage of ceramic cap for teeth is that only minor part of tooth has to be removed, so it reduced the risks of harming pulp tissue.

Full ceramic cap

This kind of implant is required when a tooth is missing totally, and it needs to be replaced together with root. In some cases, screw is also purely made of porcelain, so there is no metal at all. They have the following advantages:

  • they do not corrode and do not color gums;
  • they may serve for decades without damaging and decaying;
  • they look naturally;
  • the cost of ceramic tooth is less than for implants containing titanium and gold.

Why do we recommend dentistry in Germany?

Consider treatment in Germany? This is a great option for patients from all over the world! Thanks to advanced treatment methods, top-notch dental equipment and the best materials, German clinic provide high-quality medical assistance. Besides, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of procedures and ceramic dental crowns price – treatment in Germany is cheaper than in some other European countries and the USA. Becoming a patient of German clinics, you will enjoy agreeable pricing policy and maximum care.

Dr. Tolk is ready to help you

Don’t know how to find a real professional who can perform dental operations accurately and effectively? Consider becoming a patient of Dr. Kai Tolk who works in Siegburg. Thanks to rich experience and practice, he can deal even with the most complicated cases, performing various dental operations. No matter what kind of dental implant you need, he will figure out the best solution for you, find the best materials and organize all procedures with minimum discomfort and side effects.

All clients of Dr. Tolk value his attentive approach and responsibility. He provides a comfortable room with TV set to entertain patients during long-lasting visits, and ensures their comfort. The station is equipped with the most advanced technologies and devices, and experienced assistants help the doctor to perform operations quickly and smoothly.

If you want to arrange a visit to Dr. Tolk, contact us and we will figure out suitable date for you. Call or write us right now, and soon your problems with teeth will be solved forever!

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