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In addition to the wide range of dentistry, the Siegauenpraxis offers you complementary services. We would like to have our patients feel well with us.

Digital 3D X-ray / DVT

The dental Volume Tomography of the upper and lower jaw is currently the most modern and most gentle X-ray technique in dentistry.

Valuable diagnostic information about the location of nerves, the bone structure and dental illness in the jawbone can be obtained using this technique. For the removal of wisdom teeth the low-radiation three-dimensional diagnostic provides important information about the positional relationship between the inferior alveolar nerve and the wisdom tooth. The actual treatment can be very exact planned and carried out.

Three-dimensional diagnostic belongs to gold standard before implantation. Based on the image data the position of the implants can already be planned previously to the millimeter fine and if it is necessary it can be put in a template - a safe and gentle treatment with high predictability results.

Intraoral camera

A picture says more than thousand words. Therefore we have at our disposal an intraoral camera. In such a way we are able to explain diagnostic findings to our patients visually and to include them optimally into the treatment.

Binocular loupe use

Optimal vision is the prerequisite for optimal treatment.

That's why we use binocular loupe.


Um Ihnen das Einhalten der notigen Kontroll- und Prophylaxetermine zu erleichtern, erinnern wir Sie gerne in den notigen Abstanden.


For facilitation of necessary control and preventive observations we remember you gladly in the necessary period.

Further advantages of our praxis:

  • Level access
  • Airflow
  • Installment payment possible
  • Free parking directly before the praxis
  • Air-conditioned praxis
  • Languages: German, English
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