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Dental clinic  Dr. Tolk, Bonn Germany
Dental clinic  Dr. Tolk, Bonn Germany
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Your dental practice in Siegburg with a feel – good ambience and modern technology

A healthy body and a high quality of life are based on healthy teeth and a bright smile. That`s the reason why we`re using the most modern and only first-class technology at our practice in Siegburg. Moreover, we`re focusing on a personal consultancy and a relaxed atmosphere for every patient. We`re not only common first-class dentists, we also provide you with our opinion as implantology experts.

We offer you our professional and individual service before, during and after your appointment, so you don`t associate an appointment by a dentist any longer with stress. Before your appointment you can benefit from our Recall-System, which reminds you per Email, SMS or WhatsApp of your appointment. Thanks to our free parking lot in front of the practice you haven`t to labour yourself in the city traffic. After your appointment you can pay by instalment, if you cannot afford to pay the procedures at once.

Expert knowledge, professionality and kindness

Our dental practice in Siegburg provides you with the best service during your treatment. As we are experts in first-class dentistry we create a feel – good atmosphere by giving you a guarantee to treat our patients with the most modern technology. We`re using e.g. an airflow tester in order to remove brown coating on teeth and other tooth discoloration in an efficient manner. Our friendly and professionel staff enjoys to give you some pieces of advice about teeth aesthetics, dental treatments or the protection of your teeth during sports.

In order to spot all the details our doctors use special glasses with magnifying lenses which belong to our standard equipment and allow our specialist to work with a quad precision. During your treatment you can entertain yourself by watching our free Apple TV or listening to music on Spotify. A dental hygienist who provides you anytime with advice also belongs to our professional staff, as well as a qualified sports dentist.

Don`t leave your dental care to chance. It would be much better, if you`ll make an appointment with your reliable dentist in Siegburg right now and benefit from our first-class technologies and the relaxed atmosphere.

Dental clinic  Dr. Tolk
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